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————-Living Healthy————— 

Manioc will make your cancer Disappear

Manioc will make your cancer Disappear

This article based on how to use manioc potatoes for the treatment of cancer. The number of cancer patients has been cured using this method.

I must say I am only an explorer and presenter of information on non-communicable diseases, including cancer, but also Western and alternative medicine.

Only the facts discussed herein as a definitive alternative to the cure of cancer. It would not be wise to try to recover from cancer without the best methods, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. But there are some traditional methods that they are also proven by modern medical technology. Manioc potatoes for cancer are one of them. Many times nature gives us the most appropriate and effective solutions, but unfortunately, we ignored them.

This is about a professor who has successfully used the manioc potatoes for the cancer treatments.

It is reported that Professor Manuel Navarro of Santom University in Manila, Philippines has cured nearby 500 cancer patients using manioc potatoes during the treatments.

Here are the special manioc potato treatments used by Professor Navarro.
  • Find a piece of raw manioc potato that is about 4 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide.
  • Only clean the brown bark.
  • Now cut it into small pieces and put it in a blender and put 2 cups full of boiled but cool down the water and blend well for about 2 minutes.
  • Now put the mixture into a tall glass and refrigerate for about two hours. Then you can see how the flour part of the manioc potatoes is placed on the bottom of the glass.
  • Carefully separate the colorless liquid from the top into another bowl.
  • Drink half of that liquid before breakfast and the other half in the evening. (This drink has a slightly bitter taste).
  • Make the same mixture as before. But remember to take manioc half an inch longer than the one you picked the previous day.
  • Keep drinking the manioc tube solution, gradually increasing the length of the potato piece by half an inch.
  • One day you will feel dizzy after drinking this drink. Keep in mind, that’s the limit of the dose you can afford.
  • From the next day be sure to reduce the length of the manioc potato by half an inch.
Ex: If you take 8 inches of manioc potato, the day you feel dizzy then the next day it should be 7 ½ inches of manioc.

The most important thing to remember is not to exceed your dose. Do it properly.

There is no problem with adding oranges or lime juice to make the taste of this liquid pleasing. You must take this regular for at least three months.

Another experiment said eating 100g of boiled manioc at least 3 months also give the same result. The important fact is you must take it before breakfast. Although this method is not recommended for children by Professor Navarro later it’s recommended children as well. When used for children

The length of the manioc potato should be reduced slightly depending on the age of the child.
Another benefit of this treatment is that it is suitable for people with diabetes as it removes the starch in the manioc.

Here is the great ability of manioc potato to fight against cancer.
The manioc contains vitamin B17 and it has the power of destroying cancer cells. It has been found that 100 g of manioc contains about 500 mg of vitamin B 17. So it has an amazing ability to fight against cancer and act as a resistance to cancers. But remember to take it before having breakfast because after breakfast your blood contains glucose and this medicine won’t affect.

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