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————-Living Healthy————— 

How to keep your Oral health

How to keep your Oral health

No matter what age category we are in, having good oral health is important to eat well, talk comfortably, smile beautifully, improve personality and be free of dental pain. The mouth is very important part of human body. The same blood that circulates over the body also circulates through the mouth. Therefore it makes possibility that germs or infections from the mouth can spread to other parts of the body and impact on general health.
  • Chest infections/ aspiration pneumonia
  • Stroke
  • Links to heart disease
  • It can also complicated with the other diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart failure and chronic respiratory diseases
Whether you are assisting with personal care, such as showering and dressing or with shopping, cleaning or meal preparation, you are in a great position to notice changes in a your oral health status.

Take care of your natural teeth

Teeth are mainly made up with combining minerals and calcium. When eat foods, bacteria in dental plaque convert sugars and starches into acid, which can dissolve the minerals out of teeth. If your teeth are not cleaned properly, this can lead tooth decay, infections and pain. Good oral care is extremely important to avoid the tooth decay. Not every toothpaste but toothpaste which include fluoride helps to strengthen teeth as well as reverse the effects of the acid produced by the bacteria in dental plaque.

Bacteria in dental plaque also contribute to gum disease. Severe gum disease directly results in the breakdown of gums and bone that support the teeth. It also causing the tooth loss and pain. This is not only affects to oral health but also general health and wellbeing as well. The things you eat and drinks affects your oral health. The changes start as soon as foods and drinks enter the mouth, bacteria in the dental plaque converts sugar and starches from the food and into acid. As a result tooth decay process start as soon as when the acid attacks the tooth enamel. But there are very simple ways to reduce the effects of acid attack on teeth .You just need to eat tooth friendly foods and make it a habit to swish and swallow plain tap water after eating.

You can do it.

  • Enjoy a variety of ‘tooth friendly’ foods such as vegetables, fruit and dairy products like plain milk, yoghurt, cheese
  • Limit snacking and avoid continual sipping of sugary drinks and sucking of sugary lollies.
  • Make it a habit to drink plain tap water to clean the mouth after snacks, other drinks, meals and medications.

    This is important because

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables help to stimulate saliva flow.
    • Plain dairy products, especially cheese, help protect tooth enamel and also stimulate saliva.
    • Saliva helps to clear food from the mouth and neutralise the acid produced by the bacteria in the dental plaque.
    • A significant factor is contributing to tooth decay is the frequency of eating.
    • Drinking plain tap water after eating helps to rinse away acid from the mouth and clear any remaining foods in the mouth.

      Meet Dental Specialist Regularly

      • Poor dental care undermine the foundations of good oral health and compromise healthy ageing.
      • Many surveys have founded people over 75 years of age visit a dentist less frequently than other age groups.
      • Not only older people but also young people only see a dental professional when they have a painful and urgent problem.
      • A routine oral health assessment and support with assisting to see a dental professional will help you to maintain good oral health.

        You can maintain oral health from this simple self-care routines.

        • Brush dentures twice a day
        • Use a soft toothbrush to clean gums and tongue
        • Use a denture brush with mild liquid soap or a denture paste to clean, then rinse well
        • Put cleaned dentures in a container of fresh water overnight
        • Use a denture soaking tablet to disinfect dentures.

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