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————-Living Healthy————— 

What is Coronavirus: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

What is Coronavirus: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments Novel coronavirus or COVID – 2019 has become the latest crisis in the world with thousands of deaths. Day by day the infected people found in every corner in the world. The reasons are the easily transmitted ways of the virus. So it’s better to know about Coronavirus […]

Benefits of Drinking Lemon, Ginger and Garlic Water

Benefits of Drinking Lemon, Ginger and Garlic Water Is there anyone who doesn’t know about these three ingredients. Of course not. Because lemon, ginger, and garlic can found in everyone’s kitchen. But do you know about the benefits of drinking Lemon, ginger and garlic water? If not let’s find out. Lemon Lemon, Ginger, and Garlic […]

11 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin A

11 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin A Vitamin A has several benefits for humans. Its effect on several stages of life. First, let’s see about vitamin A. What is Vitamin A? Vitamin A is a generical term for many related compounds. Retinol (alcohol) and retinal (an aldehyde) also known as vitamin A. Retinal can be converted […]

Types of Breast Cancer and its Staging and Grading

Types of Breast Cancer and its Staging and Grading Most of the time woman have no idea about the types of breast cancers and because of that, they are unaware of the treatments related to breast cancer type. First of let’s see what is breast cancer?  The name gives to any cancer that starts in […]


Breast Cancer Diagnosis Breast cancer diagnosis is very important for every woman. If you have been referred to hospital with a breast lump or a change in the appearance of your breasts, then you will usually have three assessments (called a triple assessment):  A physical examination of your breasts (and armpits) by a doctor or […]